While the WGC has produced the contents of the WGC Food Safety Program (including the food safety management system, requirements and Implementation Toolkit) , it does not guarantee that the HACCP Plan portion will identify all potential risks and all measures which may be required to eliminate or manage those risks.  Risk management is the responsibility of the Winery.  To the full extent allowed by law, the WGC excludes liability for any loss arising through the provision of services by itself, its servants, and its agents (including liability for negligence) and where liability cannot be excluded limits that liability to either, at its choice supplying the relevant services again or paying the cost of having those services supplied.


The WGC Food Safety Program has been designed so as to permit the user to adopt and customize some or all of its components parts as desired.  If there is an existing Food Safety Program/ HACCP Plan, the WGC documents may be used as supplementary or comparison documents.  The WGC documents were not developed with the intent to replace effective and appropriate existing documentation or Good Winery Practices at a winery.